Grow essential biblical skills for faith-driven personal transformation that fuels culture-shifting influence.

Multi-level #leadership and #discipleship training for ministry and the marketplace.


DNA-Level Transformation for Ministry and the Marketplace

The GROW System is a multi-level disciple-making framework that provides structure and develops essential skills for gospel-driven personal, team, and organizational growth across all platforms and contexts, from ministry to the marketplace.  It has been continuously developed and refined for over 30 years, originating from the Wilderness Institute, then leaping into churches, college classrooms, and businesses dedicated to making disciples — and disciple-makers.

What makes it a framework?  Great question.  While the GROW System has content (teaching sessions, response activities) like a traditional curriculum, it’s designed to develop stackable skill sets that amplify the individual learner or leader’s effectiveness in the missional environment(s) in which they navigate.  Rather than replacing current programs, curriculum, etc…, GROW is a force multiplier that adds value and purpose to what already exists — and it informs opportunities to leverage them missionally.

The tools within the GROW System are not just steps that I follow, they have become a natural part of who I am as a man of God and a spiritual leader to others.
Brent – Executive Director
Leadership team developing training.

College & Graduate Courses Available

Eleven:6 is proud to partner with quality Christian colleges and universities that use our faith driven #discipleship training as key elements in Bible, theology, professional development and leadership, college and graduate courses.

Anchor Christian University
Bob Jones University -- School of Professional Development
Clarks Summit University